Corner Support Silver
Corner Support Black
Zusammenbau v14 - Corner Support + Corner Bottom Plate

Aluminium 2020/3030 Diagonal Support

19,0029,00 exkl. MwSt.

  • Dimensions: 195 x 30 x 19 mm
  • Material: EN AW 7075
  • Production: Precision CNC milling
  • Surface : (with minimal handling scratches)
    • Raw aluminium
    • Anodized black aluminium
  • Location: Made in Austria
  • Note:
    • Fits all 3030 aluminium extrusions
    • Fits all 2020 aluminium extrusions
    • Distance from Plane to 45° hole is 125.40 mm
    • M6x12 mm screws and nuts needed
    • No screws or nuts included
  • Shipping Batch 2: 14.04.2023 in Europe
  • Design: Credit goes to Simon Vez (VzBot)
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Silver Raw, Black Anodized